Home Carpet Cleaning Services

Brighten up any room with the carpet cleaning services from Cummings Janitorial Service in Wichita, Kansas. A beautiful, stain-free floor makes your home appear cleaner, better maintained, and more comfortable.

Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning

Enjoy a pristine carpet. Charles and John offer steam extraction cleaning, gently removing dirt and other accumulated grime from your carpet fibers. They also provide carpet protection to keep your floors looking great.

Upholstery & Stairs

Relax on a newly cleaned couch or chair. Once Charles and John are done, your upholstery and stairs will look like new.

Stain Removal

Remove troublesome stains from your floor. They carefully work even the toughest stains, making sure there's no trace of that spilled juice or tipped paint can. This includes deodorizing pet stains.

Contact Charles and John to bring your carpets back to life with their carpet cleaning services.